Monday, April 9, 2012

Scarlett's And Twined Piling Up Five-Star Reviews On GoodReads!!

 Well it now April 9th. Scarlett's has been officially released for  16 days! It has sold quite a few copies (especially on Kindle for .99 cents) more importantly Scarlett's has been gaining momentum with SEVEN 5-Star 5 of 5 stars Reviews!! Over One Hundred peolpe have added it to their To-Read List and on the Scarlett's Book Give-away Contest 417 People have requested a copy. This contest doesn't even end until April 26th!

Twined Has officially been released as of April 4th. It only has two reviews but both are 5-Stars! 5 of 5 stars  Twined remember has only been on GoodReads for five days and has already had 94 people add it to their To-Read list! As of today the Twined Book Give-Away has had 371 people requesting a copy!

Two different genre's of books and both are gaining great reviews! It's just a matter of time until people start to discover this uniquely talented young author! Oh and for all those that may be wondering, the answer is YES! Both Scarlett's and Twined have the second books in their series being worked on as we speak! Twined Part II should be available sometime in May of this year.

Scarlett's second book should be available in July of this year!
A.L. is the hardest working person I know. Although I spend countless hours marketing and trying to get the word out about him, he far surpasses me as his fingers fly on the keyboard of his laptop churning out one Fantastic Story after another!  He is definately dedicated to what he loves, and he truly loves writing books!

We are always looking for Book Reviewers, and would gladly send out copies of A.l.'s books in exchange for an honest review.  if you are interested or know someone who might be, please reply to this post at the bottom and I will get back in touch with you right away!

Thank You and Happy Reading!
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