Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Work Day

A.L. has been in the writing studio for ten to twelve hours a day churning out his next several projects.

Scarlett's - A Young Adult/Teen inspirational and motivational book about a girl named Jaime Williams who searches for the happiness that seems to elude her. A.L. is finishing up his storyline and timeline editing before we ship the manuscript off to our editor in Atlanta to have the final proofing done. We were hoping for a mid to end of February release but it is looking more like a mid March release date.

Twined - A Supernatural Romance about a headstrong girl named Avalin Marsh who realizes her fate when a young man with supernatural powers offers to make a blood bond she cannot refuse. A.L. knows there is still a good bit of work to be done on both this book's storyline and editing. However the release date is still up in the air. This project is recieving much attention second only to Scarlett's, so we are trying to shoot for a release date closer to the mid March release of Scarlett's.

Utopius- A Twisted Dark Fantasy, A.L. unleashes his sinister side with a mature rated story about a selfish knight templar named Desmonde and his convoy of followers as they attempt to save the land of Theros from a horde of all devouring abominations known as the blackrot. This book is writing faster than A.L. had anticipated so many of the details are falling into place nicely. The book itself will most likely be released towards the end of March, beginnnig of April. A comic book and video game are also scheduled to be made following the Utopius storyline, but at this time deveolopment is in the beginning stages and there is no telling when either of them will be released.
Utoipus is unique in two aspects. One, it appeals to a demographic far older than any of A.L.'s previous novels. While Bastion and Twined are fit for fourteen and older and Scarlett's suitable for pre-teens and up, Utopius is slated to appeal to late teens due to the mature topics in the book. It is also unique in the fact that two versions of this story will be released. Utopius' branching storyline will be carried through into the sequels with both a canon and an alternate storyline. A.L. hopes this will let readers have a sort of "pick your ending" take on the book while offering his audience a new way to become immersed in a series.

We hope you find that these stories take you on wild and exciting adventures.
Best Regards,
James Huntington

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