Saturday, March 31, 2012

Taking Those Timeless Less Than Classics To Another Level. Not Cut Out For Reading...How About Art?

You’ve probably seen book carvings before, but Long Bin-Chen’s works are definitely in a league of their own.
Taiwanese artist Long Bin-Chen uses discarded old books to create incredibly detailed sculptures that look like they’re made of marble or wood. Although all his artworks are made out of several books, he carves them all in such a manner that they fit together in a seamless manner. While he could use any books he gets his hands on, Long Bin-Chen only uses those that are relevant to his sculptures. For example, for one of his Buddha heads, he used New York telephone books. This way, the head will represent a caring Buddha from the East who came to take care of the west.

Bought from trash collectors or collected directly from the streets, the books and magazines are first carved with a band or chain saw and then with a dental sander, for finer details.
  Okay very interesting really... I'm sure that many of the authors out there are secretly hoping that their books are read and kept intact instead of being mutilated in the name of art!
I must admit though that I have read some books that would serve the masses much more as a beautiful piece of art rather than a literary time waster! It just goes to show that those eccentric ones, those that everyone look at a little differently surely have proven if you can dream it you can build it. Beauty and art for that matter are truly in the eyes of the beholder. Yes, I believe it is impressive. Hours upon hours of tedious time consuming work.  So attention all you authors who believe they have written the next best-seller, it might just show up on a pedistal at your local art museum instead of the shelves of the local library!

Written by J.S Huntington  copyright 2012 with contributing text from Spooky copyright 2010

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