Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Bastion Tales

The second Bastion won't be out for a while because the first installments of other series are my priority at the moment. But that doesn't mean I've forgotten about my first ever series! In fact I'll be writing up a series of short stories set in the Bastion universe that gives some ideas to the pasts of some characters. These books will take the point of view from several people such as Syrius, Meriah, Tavis and Zaveena. Their points of view will give a lot of detail and insight on the lore of Bastion. Unlike Bastion, these short stories will be written in the first person narrative. They'll be posted on this blog ever so often and will be open for everyone to see. And I can say that happily!

After Twined is done the first short story will be posted. It will be called "Rivinon: He Who Has Sacrificed" and will be written from Syrius' perspective, detailing his life in Quires, the sacrifices he made and how he eventually came to make his escape from his island home.

Also I may note that based off of my alternate story theme, Bastion will eventually partake in the trend of having a branched storyline. Since there will be so many Bastion books, however, the branched portion of it will take place later on in the series. It will differ in two major ways based on Rigil's decisions, the friends and enemies he makes and who he falls in love with, if he falls in love at all. And everything will factor in to decide if the world of Bastion is saved, or if it crumbles into nothingness at the hands of shadows.

I've learned that while people like to be told a story, sometimes its nice for them to have a bit of power and choose how Bastion ends for them. While there is an extent of how personalized a story can be made in writing, I think the option to choose gives readers a sense of power, and makes them feel that the characters they love and the world they admire also belongs to them. Because let's be serious, if people didn't enjoy reading my stories, and they never got told, I'd lose what being a writer is all about. So I can't wait for people to make these crucial decisions. My worlds belong to them, they deserve to be happy with how the tales begin, carry on and end.

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