Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Future Of Print On Demand Is NOW!

It's no secret that the traditional publishing market in the United States, and around the world for that matter is rapidly changing.  Technology has now made it possible for a consumer to walk into a book store with a hard to find or out of print title that they desire and have it printed within just a few minutes! Now the bookstore has to have it in there data base, but if they do "Presto" within a few minutes (seven minutes actually!) you have a book from raw stock to finished product, gorgeous color cover and all! Wow who would have thought as recently as just a few years ago that we would be at this point in the book publishing market! It's exciting for book lovers and equally as exciting for authors.
   Now I've heard from all sides of the issue on this topic and passion runs deep from all sides.  New authors who have spent years submitting query letters and manuscripts only to be rejected time after time are hailing this as the "miracle" that they needed. The traditional publishing houses are scurrying to adjust and adapt. I spoke with a traditional publishing executive in Chicago who wished to remain anonymous (I guess so not to be perceived as raising the white flag) He told me that the whispering and talk around the water coolers are, that the traditional publishing houses are dying. "Giving way to technology" is how he put it.
   I believe there will always be a market for the traditional publishers and the fact is they still at this point in time hold a more esteemed status as far as published authors go. However as more and more indie authors rise on the ranks of the best seller charts that status may be waning. Authors who at one point in time were traditionally published have actually been dropped by their publishing houses. Some have even picked themselves up off the floor, dusted themselves off and self published their own works! Paul Mann author of "Season of the Monsoon" and many others for example. After selling thirty to forty thousand copies a year, he was dropped by his publisher. After taking almost ten years off and the emergence of the Kindle and Nook readers for e-books he has started writing again and quite successfully at that! "It was the arrival of Kindle that saved my life... as a writer." Mann said.
   The fact is that more books have been published in the last three years than in the previous 100 years alone! Traditionally published authors are saying that this is diluting the quality of the books that are on the market. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can write a book and get it published now! While this may be true, it doesn't mean that they will sell! "They should have to go through the same school of hard knocks that we did!" One traditionally published author said.  We could probably argue this back and forth forever. Although I admire the traditionally published author's fortitude and perserverence, I'm sure many very good authors fell through the cracks and were never noticed due to the previous publishing industries system.
 The bottom line is, no matter what side of the fence you are sitting on. Self-publishing is here to stay. E-books and digital publishing are also here to stay.  Check out the videos below for further insight on the new print on demand and e-book directions that we are already engaged in.
Also Check out the video in the link below. It talks about the emergence of eBooks.

By: James Huntington ~ Publishing Manager for Personae Publications

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