Monday, January 30, 2012

The Jacket Looks Nice...

Hey all. It's been a busy week. A lot of stuff has been going on as of late. I had to spend my day going out and buying some decent wares. Normally I don't give too much thought into my clothing. I'm usually a big pick it and go guy. But lately it's been different. Now I'm learning how to present myself and stay clean cut and professional. It's been tough. I don't have the best sense of style. But thanks to Kayla, Deb and Jim it's getting easier to look clean and shaved. It felt weird today. I was walking around the mall with pride in what I was wearing. I splurged on a few nice pieces of clothing for the first time in my life. I'm not the biggest shopper or a materialistic person. But I had to say it was also kind of fun finding a sense of style. I hope I look good for this photo shoot. I'm not good with pictures. So I hope some nice clothes will give me the confidence I need to take these pics. Because who knows who might end up seeing them in the long run...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Bastion Prequel to War Available On Kindle!

Well we can finally announce that Bastion Prequel to War is available as an e-book on Kindle!! After numerous inquiries and requests I guess they got sick of us bugging them. Chuckle-Chuckle. Anyways we did a test download onto our kindle and it works and looks great! So there you have it, I really hope you enjoy the book. Happy Reading!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Work Day

A.L. has been in the writing studio for ten to twelve hours a day churning out his next several projects.

Scarlett's - A Young Adult/Teen inspirational and motivational book about a girl named Jaime Williams who searches for the happiness that seems to elude her. A.L. is finishing up his storyline and timeline editing before we ship the manuscript off to our editor in Atlanta to have the final proofing done. We were hoping for a mid to end of February release but it is looking more like a mid March release date.

Twined - A Supernatural Romance about a headstrong girl named Avalin Marsh who realizes her fate when a young man with supernatural powers offers to make a blood bond she cannot refuse. A.L. knows there is still a good bit of work to be done on both this book's storyline and editing. However the release date is still up in the air. This project is recieving much attention second only to Scarlett's, so we are trying to shoot for a release date closer to the mid March release of Scarlett's.

Utopius- A Twisted Dark Fantasy, A.L. unleashes his sinister side with a mature rated story about a selfish knight templar named Desmonde and his convoy of followers as they attempt to save the land of Theros from a horde of all devouring abominations known as the blackrot. This book is writing faster than A.L. had anticipated so many of the details are falling into place nicely. The book itself will most likely be released towards the end of March, beginnnig of April. A comic book and video game are also scheduled to be made following the Utopius storyline, but at this time deveolopment is in the beginning stages and there is no telling when either of them will be released.
Utoipus is unique in two aspects. One, it appeals to a demographic far older than any of A.L.'s previous novels. While Bastion and Twined are fit for fourteen and older and Scarlett's suitable for pre-teens and up, Utopius is slated to appeal to late teens due to the mature topics in the book. It is also unique in the fact that two versions of this story will be released. Utopius' branching storyline will be carried through into the sequels with both a canon and an alternate storyline. A.L. hopes this will let readers have a sort of "pick your ending" take on the book while offering his audience a new way to become immersed in a series.

We hope you find that these stories take you on wild and exciting adventures.
Best Regards,
James Huntington

Its Official! The Land of HARRY POTTER Coming to California

 Wizarding World proved an instant hit when it opened in June 2010 at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure theme park. Crowds often grow so thick in the detailed 20-acre land that visitors are slowed to a shoulder-to-shoulder crawl. The Harry Potter-themed land in Florida includes three attractions: the new Forbidden Journey motion-based simulator ride and a pair of re-themed coasters, the dueling twin-track Dragon Challenge and the family-friendly Flight of the Hippogriff.
While some answers will be revealed soon and others much later, let's tackle a few questions about what's in store for fans when Wizarding World of Harry Potter debuts at Universal Studios Hollywood.
When will Wizarding World open in California?
Announced in 2007, the Florida WWHP was originally scheduled to debut in 2009 but ended up taking three years to complete. Universal officials wouldn't get more specific on an opening date for the California land but Wizarding World isn't expected to debut before 2016.
Where will the land be?
Universal Studios Hollywood doesn't have much wiggle room, which means planners will have to tear down existing attractions or expand outside the theme park's traditional boundaries to make space for Wizarding World. Universal's 20-year vision plan calls for the replacement of the Terminator 2: 3D attraction and the Water World stunt show. And then there's always the possibility of taking over a part  of the studio back lot.
What will the new land include?
Conventional wisdom holds that the California park will feature a replica of the Hogsmeade village and Hogwarts castle found in Florida. Forbidden Journey is generally considered to be the best ride in the amusement industry and a likely addition. Hogwarts was purposely built a few feet taller than the castle down the road at the Magic Kingdom. Expect a similar nose-thumbing in the general direction of Anaheim.
How will the two Wizarding Worlds be different?
The California park has no existing outdoor coasters, so the Hippogriff and Dragon overlays won't work here. There's a good chance some existing attraction will be repurposed with a new Harry Potter theme (like, for example, an action-adventure show in the Water World theater).
Will we see any new Wizarding World attractions or locations in California?
It's possible the California Wizarding World could be completely different from the Florida version. One possibility: an authentic re-creation of Diagon Alley complete with a Leaky Cauldron restaurant, a Gringotts Wizarding Bank indoor roller coaster and an Ollivander's wand shop (misplaced in Hogsmeade village at the Florida park).
How will the California expansion affect Florida?
Theme park fans have been expecting Universal Orlando to expand the wildly popular Wizarding World since the day it opened. Those hopes may have to be put on hold while plans are developed for the California expansion. The California addition is unlikely to substantially affect attendance in Florida. On Tuesday, officials also announced plans to expand Wizarding World in Orlando.

How will Wizarding World change the Southern California theme park landscape?
Like an 8.0 earthquake along the San Andreas Fault. Wizarding World altered the competitive Orlando marketplace, cutting into attendance at virtually every rival park and forcing Disney to unveil two massive counterattacks: a reinvention of Fantasyland for 2012 and the creation of Avatar Land for 2016. Expect the Boy Wizard to steal second-day visitors away from Disney California Adventure and force Mickey Mouse to respond with some new magic of his own. Second-tier parks such as SeaWorld San Diego, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Knott's Berry Farm will have to step up the competition.
How much will the new land cost to build?
Universal reportedly spent between $200 million and $265 million on the Florida Wizarding World. Presumably there will be fewer start-up costs this time around, assuming the West Coast gets a carbon copy of the East Coast version. Officials said the California Wizarding World will cost more than $200 million.
Any hope for Muggles outside the United States?
Universal has indicated that the Harry Potter brand could eventually spread to its theme parks in Japan, Korea and Singapore. The key question is whether the most popular book series and movie franchise in history has the staying power to draw visitors to Universal's theme parks for decades and generations to come.
Just how good is the Butterbeer?
The frothy shortbread and butterscotch flavored drink is the most popular food item sold at Wizarding World. And at $10 a pop with a souvenir mug ($11 frozen), a certified money-making phenomenon for Universal. No trip to the Potterverse is complete without a creamy pint of Butterbeer goodness.
 By Brady MacDonald | Los Angeles Times staff writer

But of course the Hogwarts ride, called “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey,” is the centerpiece of the attraction, and I must say it is very well done. The story is that muggles (meaning you, of course) are being allowed into the school for the first time, and so before the ride you’re brought through several rooms in the castle, spoken about by paintings of the four founders of the school, and allowed to meet Dumbledore, Harry, Ron and Hermione, sort of. The projections of the characters are less well-done than they might be, but if you can’t suspend your disbelief a millimeter further than you already have by that point in order to invest in them, you shouldn’t go. The ride itself is a bit jerky, but is the only way to see into parts of Hogwarts (and its grounds) you otherwise can’t. Not far from Hogwarts is a sort of stage area where a chorus of “students” and large “frogs” sing the Macbeth-derived song from the Prisoner of Azkaban movie and various a cappella tunes, and actors dressed exactly as the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons students from Goblet of Fire perform acrobatics.
 By Matt Blum.

Photo By J.S.Huntington December 2011

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Let's Cross Promote! There is Power In Numbers!

  Hello fellow authors and writers! As you can see from my blog that I am very big into cross-promoting.  There truly is strength in numbers and the good news is it's FREE! You would be surprised what a simple mention, post or comment can do to drive the traffic (potential customers, buyers, fan base) to each others sites! Best-selling author Renee Pawlish calls it Book Karma and we all know you sure can't get enough Good Book Karma...So anyway if you are interested in doing some Free cross-promoting of your book, articles, short stories, upcoming projects or even your blog just drop me a quick line either as a comment to this post or by following this blog. Hope to hear from all of you soon!
My Best Regards To All Of You,

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The Heroes of Worlds

So the next three projects are going very well. The book in the lead happens to be Scarlett's followed by Twined and then Utopius. So since these books are going to be released as my first triplet, I thought you might want to know about the main characters in each series.

So here's the rundown on the heroes of the next three books. And you'll find that some of them aren't the typical "save the day" type. We'll start with the heroes of the first book.


Jaime Williams- A young woman who moved away from home after a rough trial with her parents. She works and spends her time at the diner Scarlett's. Humble, open minded and eccentric, she's spent the better half of her life trying to find and hold onto whatever fleeting happiness she can obtain. But what people don't know about this semi-shy girl is that deep down inside burns the fire of a prodigy author. As gifted as she is, however, she won't let others read her work out of fear that people will hate what she writes. However with a little help from her best friend Ashton, she may realize that by keeping her stories to herself she's depraved the world of some of the most interesting and motivating stories in a long time.
Jaime's a kind and compassionate individual. She often hides her sadness as best she can. She doesn't prefer the spotlight or wish anyone to know when she is feeling down. She hides when her troubles get to her. She has made a plethora of great friends while working at the diner Scarlett's and she cherishes each of them. Jaime somewhat resembles the eye of a hurricane. She maintains stability despite being surrounded by people who are much less so. She gives comfort to others by being herself and driving them to become better people. She's a force of inspiration with an infectious personality that can't help but make you smile.

Ashton- The man who Jaime calls her better half, Ashton is equally as quirky as his friend. He's an amateur pro-wrestler with a soft heart who wants nothing more than Jaime to find a solution to all of her problems. He often acts as her rock, the stability she needs in order to keep her personality afloat. He sees the potential in Jaime that she herself is not willing to reveal. So when he stumbles upon a binder of her writing while cleaning her apartment, he knows that her novel needs to reach the public. Captivated by her writing and in full knowing she would never agree to show her work, he steals her binder in an attempt to find a way to publish what she's written in secret. He doesn't know if this is the right course of action, but something tugs at his gut telling him it's the right thing to do.
Ash may appear carefree and lacking of any problems, but deep down inside he finds himself struggling with questions that define his own personality. He wants to figure out who he really is. However it's not the journey to find this person that worries him, but rather who he will find at the end that makes Ash uneasy.

Meg- Spontaneous, fun-loving, maybe even crazy. These are all words to describe Ashton's friend Megumi "Meg" Tachibana. She's known Ashton since he was six, and may even know more about him then he himself does. Although she loves a good time, this party girl manages to not only maintain a sense of normalcy but also a talent for empathy. She is wise beyond her years despite her outer shell. What many call an "old soul" Meg has learned that you shouldn't stress overmuch about your problems because it takes all the fun out of life. Therefore she has one dream and one dream only; to take a step on Paris soil. To visit the fabled Eiffel tower and bask in the feel of life.
Ashton enlists Meg's help to bring Jaime's ideas to print. Although she and Jaime have never met, Meg understands the sadness Jaime feels having to move from her home. So she does her best to help keep Jaime in Pennsylvania. She is doing this for Ashton, for Jaime... and maybe a little bit for herself.

Noel- Jamie's best girl friend, Noel is a Jamaican beauty who sports a slight accent. She shares the duplex that Jaime lives at and always does her best to help her friend whenever she needs it. Noel is kind in heart, but does not sit idly by when she feels something is not right. When she finds something that is morally unacceptable, she will fight it with every ounce of her being. Feisty at times, she supports Jaime's endeavors no matter what. While she makes her way through college in an attempt to find her passion, Noel realizes that sometimes being a good person is defined in not only how you treat others, but in the way you respond to how people treat you as well.

Bryant- A musician at heart, Bryant gave up on his dreams long ago after meeting the lead singer of a band that he idolized. When that singer told Bryant that he would never have what it takes to make it big in the music world, Bryant did the unbelievable... he believed him. He tossed his guitar aside and silenced his voice permanently... thinking that there was nothing left he could lose.
Raised without a family, all he has in his life is Ohmi, his eighty year old grandmother who adopted him before he could even walk. Bryant has so far lived a content life while working at Scarlett's. But when he sees Jamie's success and Ohmi's health takes a terrifying turn, Bryant realizes that maybe life isn't worth living by someone else's opinion.

So there's the heroes of Scarlett's. There are so many characters in this story such as Sketch, a quirky Aussie technical expert, Shan, an organized and determined diner manager, Ada, a pale young girl who took an oath of silence, Susie, a high school girl struggling to find her purpose and so many more. They all tie into Jaime's story in what is possibly a truly touching and heartwarming tale about life and the people living it. This may sound familiar, but you'll laugh, you'll cry... or maybe both at the same time!

Thanks to those who are Following and Commenting!  Sharla L. Shults ~ Donalsonville, Georgia  USA  Ron ~ Southern California  USA  O.G.Tomes ~ Atop a mountain in the Appalacians, USA
Also Gracey Little.  Thanks to all for your support!

The Latest BASTION Prequel to War Book Review!

The same dream again. Things were twisted now, thunder clapping as the same man from before stood at the top of the same cliff. Rigil watched from some unknown position at this mystery being who was fighting for his life against some kind of invisible force. He raised his arm and shouted some kind of word that couldn’t be understood as shadows began creeping in all around him. But this time his face could be seen. As an arrow struck him and he fell to his death, his face looked exacly like-Rigil’s.

Bastion: Prequel to War is the story of a young man named Rigil, who teams up with a gypsy named Meriah and Syrius, the white wolf. The three of them take a journey to the city of Illyria, and run into a lot of trouble along the way.
Normally, fantasy books don’t interest me and I can’t get past the first chapter, so when I started reading Bastion, I expected to get bored with it. That was not the case. Once I started reading, it was hard for me to
put down. I read half of the book in one day.
A.L. has created a world that I would want to live in. The characters come to life, and the plot is filled with action. There is also a bit of romance and I found myself laughing at certain parts of the book. The cliffhanger ending leaves you wanting more, and will make you wonder what happens next.
The book is great. I can’t wait to see what other books and projects Collins has planned. If you like Harry Potter, then you’ll love Bastion.  ~ B.Breen - Manchester, Maryland

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Testing, Testing...

So it turns out that the very informative John Carver has his own radio show that he does at 1pm in the afternoons. He's a great guy, met him in person and I have to say that he's quite an interesting man to talk to. He's been around the block more than once and I learned a lot from him in just the short hour we conversed.

However we did converse for a reason. And now it seems that something very unexpected has been realized. I, A.L. Collins, am going to be... on the radio.

Or, his broadcast rather. You heard it straight from the author's mouth. Mr. Carver has invited me to come speak on his show and I have accepted his offer. Albeit I'm nuts because live talk shows scare the bejujan peppers out of me, I think it'll be a great learning experience for me to grow as a person and it'll no doubt be an amazing experience to be a part of such a motivational show, so I truly am flattered. It'll be on at 1pm on the dot tomorrow (Thursday, January 19th) afternoon and I... am terrified. I'm going to be honest, I don't want to say anything stupid and make myself look like... a goofball. Everyone tells me to just be myself. You know what the issue with that is? The real myself is a goofball. *Sigh*

Don't think I'm not excited and honored to do this, because I am ten fold. It's just layered... underneath all that nervousness... and sweat.

So there you have it. I'm very excited to do this and I can't wait for tomorrow. Now if you'll excuse me I need to practice my radio voice... My mirror is going to hate me for the next seven hours. Have a good night all! Talk to you tomorrow, light FM!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reviewers and Bloggers Bastion Give-A-Way!

Hello! We are currently looking for Book Reviewers and Bloggers, Authors and Book Lovers! who would in exchange for an honest review like to receive a free autographed copy of Bastion ~ Prequel to War. We will have 50 copies to mail out on March 1st. This is first come first served. All we ask are these two requirements. Please only request a copy if you are serious about reading and reviewing it and then become a follower of this blog! Also since we only have 50 copies to distribute there is a one copy per person limit.

Simply join the site and leave a comment on this post including your member name and then the name of who you'd like the book to be signed to. Remember only the first fifty can recieve a copy. Thanks and Good Luck!

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A.L.Collins' Pacific Book Review Interview On Bastion~Prequel to War

Author Interview From Pacific Book Review

Click on the link above if your looking for some answers to why I write what I do and what inspires me? Check out the latest Author Interview with Pacific Book Review!

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Amazing Band Time?

So I was surfing the web looking for some unique music. I was listening to this alternative music station... I think that's what they call it. Anyway I found two really unique songs that I found really inspiring. I think it was WTMD. And now I can't stop singing Shanghai Cigarettes and Someone That I Used to Know, by Caitlin Rose and Gotye respectively. And to save you the trouble of searching, I wanted to share these videos with you. They're not mine, but they're definitely worth sharing.

These are terrific... Caitlin Rose
Check these out... Gotye
Now you know what I listen to when I write. It takes a specific song not to mix me up while I'm writing, I usually listen to non-lyrical music as I'm typing. But these two are some of the exceptions. Kudos to such popular artists. And I believe that the woman in the second video is Kimbra. I believe they featured her in the Gotye video. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Full Throttle Brain Shuttle

I've been thinking a lot lately. Now that things are going, my head has been spinning with all sorts of things. Ideas, characters, places, twists, plots, betrayals, romances and so much more. I have the stories of worlds in my head, the fates of characters at my tongue, and the lives and dreams of hundreds of characters at my fingertips. I've never felt such a feeling of action. I can weave so many things together in a story that I'm having a hard time staying focused on one project. When I write a chapter of Scarlett's, I think of something that would be terrifying in Dead No More. I think of something that could be a mind-blowing plot in a sci-fi. Or maybe I imagine something that would feel magical in the second Bastion. So many things going through my head... really a book world is hindered only by the limitations of the scope of your own imagination. Your pencil or your keyboard is the chisel against the raw marble or ice that sculpts your tale. So if you have something in your mind, heart or stomach that can bring a man to laughter or tears, please... write it down. Because your story too may be the next big sensation. And nobody would want to miss out on that.

So I'm going to try and stay focused, try to drink another cup of coffee and try to stay asleep once it finds me. But I'll get up again, grab my computer and write my characters. These people are me... in the worlds I dream. And like I always say, if I can make you forget you're not in Aldania for even a second, then I've done my job. If you've enjoyed yourself... then so have I.

Happy Writing, Happy Reading, Happy Dreaming.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Book Pecking Order

So there are quite a few stories I have lined up and some have gone through some major revisions. I'm thinking of what order I should be working on these books. Mind you my forte is fantasy but I like branching off into other novels. They are, however, all fiction. So I think I'll release projects in intervals of three, throwing in at least one fantasy story in there.

Here's how the lineup is looking.

Scarlett's- motivational young adult story.
Twined- supernatural young adult adventure/romance.
Utopius- dark midieval fantasy.

Dead No More- post apocalyptic zombie novel.
Blackout- thriller dream novel.
Bastion: Rise of Shadows- second Bastion novel.

A sci-fi fantasy is also on the way as well as a psycho-horror inspired by the Silent Hill series. They however still need the plots and details nailed down, but they are a long way off.

These books are helping me grow as an author, so I can see what I'm good at. So most likely I'll pump the first books out there and the most popular ones will become long standing series. So we will see how these go!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BASTION Prequel To War Is Gaining Some Great Reviews!!

     As we continue to distribute Bastion Prequel to War locally and around the country (and world for that matter) We are gaining some very positive and encouraging reviews! Reviews are starting to come in from fans and friends that purchased Bastion at the book signing held in mid-December.  We have also been partnering with Book Bloggers and Reviewers around the world. Just in the last few weeks we have sent copies to New Brunswick and Ontario, Canada, North Carolina, Kentucky and Alabama!

     We recently added some stat tracking to our blog and decided to put a translate button in for Russian. To our delight we have had over 75 hits on the blog from either Russia or Ukraine. Also numerous visits from Canada, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Argentina and the Phillipines just to name a few!

    We are so very thankful to everyone who has taken the time to sit down with a copy of Bastion, let yourself sink into this wonderful world and then take your time to tell others about it. You are the greatest!
Below is a link to another wonderful review that we just got posted on Amazon.

We will continue to keep you updated on all of the new and exciting developments. Keep in mind that Bastion was only released on November 16th of 2011! It's exciting to think where this new year will take us!
Again Many Thanks and Happy Reading,
Jim Huntington
Publishing Manager for A.L.Collins

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Review From Melanie Vautour of Melanie's Book Addiction

We have just received another wonderful review of Bastion - Prequel to War
Melanie Vautour of New Brunswick, Canada who owns and operates Melanie's Book Addiction
has just posted the review below.  Please take the time to pay Melanie a visit on her blog at the link above or on the right sidebar on this blog. She is an avid reader and has posted numerous reviews. Her genre intrests are very diverse and open. Her reviews are honest and insightful.  Thank You Melanie and we look forward to you reading and reviewing A.L.Collins' upcoming books this year and in the future.

With conspiracies brewing Rigil loses his family and friends in a fire that ravaged his hometown. Determined to fight these conspiracies and to save the other towns and villages, Rigil sets out on a enchanting journey with Syrius the "White Wolf" and Meriah the gypsy.The unlikely trio encounter dangerous enemies around every corner. A mysterious sword serves as Rigil's weapon. Will they succeed or will the world fall in the hands of evil?

Once I started reading about the wonderful and enchanting world the author has created I couldn't stop. Many times while reading I had to remind myself that A.L. Collins started writing this series at eighteen. I'm amazed! The plot is so rich and the many details give you the feeling of being right in the midst of all the action alongside Rigil and his friends. He has a created a unique world filled with vivid characters you can't help but love. It's hard for me to pick a favorite one but I really like Meriah. I couldn't help but laugh at how prude she is. She's very shy and won't admit she has a crush on one of her fellow companions.

The vocabulary specific to this new world is a bit overwhelming and many times I wished to have a glossary to consult whenever I needed to. A simple stop on the author's blog answered my question. He provides a short glossary that I found very useful while reading.

Bastion - Prequel To War proves to be a great fantasy novel. With guaranteed laughter, a bit of romance and a ton of action to keep you on the edge of your seat, you won't regret taking a trip to the universe of Bastion. I really enjoyed getting myself lost in this novel and I look forward to reading what this talented author has in store for us next.

4 out of 5 stars!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Scarlett's An Excerpt From A.L.Collins' Novel To Be Released February 2012

The meal was good, I have to admit. I ended up joining the Regals while they dined because we were just that freaking slow. Time was slugging by like cement down a hill on a freezing cold day. So I grabbed a salad and some coffee, which ended up being a strange combination, and ate with them. We laughed and laughed and laughed. From goofy faces to stories being shared about this and that, it seemed like the family could really unwind. Eventually Ashton and Noel joined us and it became a little pow-wow of our own.
That’s when time started to fly by. An hour past and the kids began falling asleep. So they opened their wallets to try and pay something and I ushered them away saying that it was indeed on the house. As the Regals thanked me over and over, Noel led them to the door as Andy Jr. and Casey slept peacefully in their father’s arms.
And I waved softly as they exited. Happy with myself I sighed and swirled my finger in my coffee. Ashton looked at me and shook his head. I ignored him this time and continued swirling. I had done a good thing. I had done a happy deed. And I didn’t regret it at all. I didn’t even regret it as I pulled out my own wallet and started sifting through my twenties.
Ash moaned, “Jaime… you didn’t.”
I took out two twenties and flopped them onto the table. “Oh but I did.” I said half-smiling. The pride still rang clear, just a little muffled by the sting of my own money problems getting worse. No gas for me tonight.
Ashton shook his head, “Don’t tell me this is going to become a regular habit for you.” He replied.
“Me? Pssh. Naw. The Scarlett Fairy paid for it.”
“Shan is going to get busted-”
I rolled my eyes, “The higher ups just care that the money is there.” I said blankly which unfortunately was true, “Shan won’t get in trouble because they don’t care where it comes from or who cashed in. They just want their dues.”
“This isn’t helping you.” Ashton said.
“This is helping me.” I said right back, “Helping other people helps me.”
Ashton put a hand through his hair, “Jaime listen. I know you’re really nice and you feel for these people…”
I raised my hand, “No” I shook my head, “Ashton don’t you dare tell me I should lone wolf it.”
“I’m not saying that.” Ash said, “Just be mindful that you need to think about yourself as well.”
I shrugged as my gaze fell to the three fries left over on one of the plates, “What is there to think about?”
“More than you know.” He replied.
I looked at him and he looked back. Then I smiled at him and he smiled back. He really did know how to pour it on sometimes. Okay maybe it wasn’t the wisest idea to pay for a forty dollar meal. But it meant something to me. It reminded me at this day and age that part of humanity was still about giving back more than what you get. So I just continued to smile and leaned against Ashton a bit, who kept me up… like he always does.
“Oh.” I reached into my wallet as Ashton eyed what I was doing. I pulled out three ones and held them in between my fingers.
“Forgot the tip.”
I grinned and Ashton laughed to himself. A lot.