Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Heroes of Worlds

So the next three projects are going very well. The book in the lead happens to be Scarlett's followed by Twined and then Utopius. So since these books are going to be released as my first triplet, I thought you might want to know about the main characters in each series.

So here's the rundown on the heroes of the next three books. And you'll find that some of them aren't the typical "save the day" type. We'll start with the heroes of the first book.


Jaime Williams- A young woman who moved away from home after a rough trial with her parents. She works and spends her time at the diner Scarlett's. Humble, open minded and eccentric, she's spent the better half of her life trying to find and hold onto whatever fleeting happiness she can obtain. But what people don't know about this semi-shy girl is that deep down inside burns the fire of a prodigy author. As gifted as she is, however, she won't let others read her work out of fear that people will hate what she writes. However with a little help from her best friend Ashton, she may realize that by keeping her stories to herself she's depraved the world of some of the most interesting and motivating stories in a long time.
Jaime's a kind and compassionate individual. She often hides her sadness as best she can. She doesn't prefer the spotlight or wish anyone to know when she is feeling down. She hides when her troubles get to her. She has made a plethora of great friends while working at the diner Scarlett's and she cherishes each of them. Jaime somewhat resembles the eye of a hurricane. She maintains stability despite being surrounded by people who are much less so. She gives comfort to others by being herself and driving them to become better people. She's a force of inspiration with an infectious personality that can't help but make you smile.

Ashton- The man who Jaime calls her better half, Ashton is equally as quirky as his friend. He's an amateur pro-wrestler with a soft heart who wants nothing more than Jaime to find a solution to all of her problems. He often acts as her rock, the stability she needs in order to keep her personality afloat. He sees the potential in Jaime that she herself is not willing to reveal. So when he stumbles upon a binder of her writing while cleaning her apartment, he knows that her novel needs to reach the public. Captivated by her writing and in full knowing she would never agree to show her work, he steals her binder in an attempt to find a way to publish what she's written in secret. He doesn't know if this is the right course of action, but something tugs at his gut telling him it's the right thing to do.
Ash may appear carefree and lacking of any problems, but deep down inside he finds himself struggling with questions that define his own personality. He wants to figure out who he really is. However it's not the journey to find this person that worries him, but rather who he will find at the end that makes Ash uneasy.

Meg- Spontaneous, fun-loving, maybe even crazy. These are all words to describe Ashton's friend Megumi "Meg" Tachibana. She's known Ashton since he was six, and may even know more about him then he himself does. Although she loves a good time, this party girl manages to not only maintain a sense of normalcy but also a talent for empathy. She is wise beyond her years despite her outer shell. What many call an "old soul" Meg has learned that you shouldn't stress overmuch about your problems because it takes all the fun out of life. Therefore she has one dream and one dream only; to take a step on Paris soil. To visit the fabled Eiffel tower and bask in the feel of life.
Ashton enlists Meg's help to bring Jaime's ideas to print. Although she and Jaime have never met, Meg understands the sadness Jaime feels having to move from her home. So she does her best to help keep Jaime in Pennsylvania. She is doing this for Ashton, for Jaime... and maybe a little bit for herself.

Noel- Jamie's best girl friend, Noel is a Jamaican beauty who sports a slight accent. She shares the duplex that Jaime lives at and always does her best to help her friend whenever she needs it. Noel is kind in heart, but does not sit idly by when she feels something is not right. When she finds something that is morally unacceptable, she will fight it with every ounce of her being. Feisty at times, she supports Jaime's endeavors no matter what. While she makes her way through college in an attempt to find her passion, Noel realizes that sometimes being a good person is defined in not only how you treat others, but in the way you respond to how people treat you as well.

Bryant- A musician at heart, Bryant gave up on his dreams long ago after meeting the lead singer of a band that he idolized. When that singer told Bryant that he would never have what it takes to make it big in the music world, Bryant did the unbelievable... he believed him. He tossed his guitar aside and silenced his voice permanently... thinking that there was nothing left he could lose.
Raised without a family, all he has in his life is Ohmi, his eighty year old grandmother who adopted him before he could even walk. Bryant has so far lived a content life while working at Scarlett's. But when he sees Jamie's success and Ohmi's health takes a terrifying turn, Bryant realizes that maybe life isn't worth living by someone else's opinion.

So there's the heroes of Scarlett's. There are so many characters in this story such as Sketch, a quirky Aussie technical expert, Shan, an organized and determined diner manager, Ada, a pale young girl who took an oath of silence, Susie, a high school girl struggling to find her purpose and so many more. They all tie into Jaime's story in what is possibly a truly touching and heartwarming tale about life and the people living it. This may sound familiar, but you'll laugh, you'll cry... or maybe both at the same time!

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