Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Book Pecking Order

So there are quite a few stories I have lined up and some have gone through some major revisions. I'm thinking of what order I should be working on these books. Mind you my forte is fantasy but I like branching off into other novels. They are, however, all fiction. So I think I'll release projects in intervals of three, throwing in at least one fantasy story in there.

Here's how the lineup is looking.

Scarlett's- motivational young adult story.
Twined- supernatural young adult adventure/romance.
Utopius- dark midieval fantasy.

Dead No More- post apocalyptic zombie novel.
Blackout- thriller dream novel.
Bastion: Rise of Shadows- second Bastion novel.

A sci-fi fantasy is also on the way as well as a psycho-horror inspired by the Silent Hill series. They however still need the plots and details nailed down, but they are a long way off.

These books are helping me grow as an author, so I can see what I'm good at. So most likely I'll pump the first books out there and the most popular ones will become long standing series. So we will see how these go!


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