Monday, January 16, 2012

Amazing Band Time?

So I was surfing the web looking for some unique music. I was listening to this alternative music station... I think that's what they call it. Anyway I found two really unique songs that I found really inspiring. I think it was WTMD. And now I can't stop singing Shanghai Cigarettes and Someone That I Used to Know, by Caitlin Rose and Gotye respectively. And to save you the trouble of searching, I wanted to share these videos with you. They're not mine, but they're definitely worth sharing.

These are terrific... Caitlin Rose
Check these out... Gotye
Now you know what I listen to when I write. It takes a specific song not to mix me up while I'm writing, I usually listen to non-lyrical music as I'm typing. But these two are some of the exceptions. Kudos to such popular artists. And I believe that the woman in the second video is Kimbra. I believe they featured her in the Gotye video. 

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