Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Review From Melanie Vautour of Melanie's Book Addiction

We have just received another wonderful review of Bastion - Prequel to War
Melanie Vautour of New Brunswick, Canada who owns and operates Melanie's Book Addiction
has just posted the review below.  Please take the time to pay Melanie a visit on her blog at the link above or on the right sidebar on this blog. She is an avid reader and has posted numerous reviews. Her genre intrests are very diverse and open. Her reviews are honest and insightful.  Thank You Melanie and we look forward to you reading and reviewing A.L.Collins' upcoming books this year and in the future.

With conspiracies brewing Rigil loses his family and friends in a fire that ravaged his hometown. Determined to fight these conspiracies and to save the other towns and villages, Rigil sets out on a enchanting journey with Syrius the "White Wolf" and Meriah the gypsy.The unlikely trio encounter dangerous enemies around every corner. A mysterious sword serves as Rigil's weapon. Will they succeed or will the world fall in the hands of evil?

Once I started reading about the wonderful and enchanting world the author has created I couldn't stop. Many times while reading I had to remind myself that A.L. Collins started writing this series at eighteen. I'm amazed! The plot is so rich and the many details give you the feeling of being right in the midst of all the action alongside Rigil and his friends. He has a created a unique world filled with vivid characters you can't help but love. It's hard for me to pick a favorite one but I really like Meriah. I couldn't help but laugh at how prude she is. She's very shy and won't admit she has a crush on one of her fellow companions.

The vocabulary specific to this new world is a bit overwhelming and many times I wished to have a glossary to consult whenever I needed to. A simple stop on the author's blog answered my question. He provides a short glossary that I found very useful while reading.

Bastion - Prequel To War proves to be a great fantasy novel. With guaranteed laughter, a bit of romance and a ton of action to keep you on the edge of your seat, you won't regret taking a trip to the universe of Bastion. I really enjoyed getting myself lost in this novel and I look forward to reading what this talented author has in store for us next.

4 out of 5 stars!

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