Sunday, January 15, 2012

Full Throttle Brain Shuttle

I've been thinking a lot lately. Now that things are going, my head has been spinning with all sorts of things. Ideas, characters, places, twists, plots, betrayals, romances and so much more. I have the stories of worlds in my head, the fates of characters at my tongue, and the lives and dreams of hundreds of characters at my fingertips. I've never felt such a feeling of action. I can weave so many things together in a story that I'm having a hard time staying focused on one project. When I write a chapter of Scarlett's, I think of something that would be terrifying in Dead No More. I think of something that could be a mind-blowing plot in a sci-fi. Or maybe I imagine something that would feel magical in the second Bastion. So many things going through my head... really a book world is hindered only by the limitations of the scope of your own imagination. Your pencil or your keyboard is the chisel against the raw marble or ice that sculpts your tale. So if you have something in your mind, heart or stomach that can bring a man to laughter or tears, please... write it down. Because your story too may be the next big sensation. And nobody would want to miss out on that.

So I'm going to try and stay focused, try to drink another cup of coffee and try to stay asleep once it finds me. But I'll get up again, grab my computer and write my characters. These people are me... in the worlds I dream. And like I always say, if I can make you forget you're not in Aldania for even a second, then I've done my job. If you've enjoyed yourself... then so have I.

Happy Writing, Happy Reading, Happy Dreaming.

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