Monday, February 6, 2012

The Suicide Mission

So in honor of Mass Effect 3 coming out in EXACTLY one month (sci-fi buff squeal!) I'm going to give everyone a taste of my ME2 Suicide Mission run.
So in case nobody knows, ME is my favorite game series E-V-E-R. It's part of the reason my ideas met paper in the first place. SO WITH THAT BEING SAID... I'm going to give everyone the perfect way to get through the Suicide Mission without losing ANYONE or ANYTHING to the battle. So that all of you can flip the bird to T.I.M and have the best possible crew standing for ME3. I'll also tell you how to keep your favorite characters and love interests alive during the game's climax. I've seen people do this before but there have been small bits and pieces here and there that were missing. So here's the word peeps.


The first thing to realize is that time is of the essence. In order to have the best possible outcome, make sure you have done the following things.
1. You have gained the loyalty of every squad member possible, especially the ones you could possibly fail. Meaning you had enough Paragon to sway Zaeed if you let Vido go, you stopped Thane's son from assassinating his target in time, you were able to draw out Morinth and picked one of the asari for your team, you gained Tali's loyalty in the trial by not showing the data of her father and you solved both arguments between Jack and Miranda and Tali and Legion.
(Note: If you don't side with Miranda, the look she gives you is... TERRIFYING O_o)

2. You have upgraded all three necessary parts of the Normandy. That means the Thanix Cannons (obtainable from Garrus) the Cyclone Shielding (obtainable by Tali) or the Silarsis Armor (obtainable with Jacob) have all been upgraded. The Argus Scanners, Med Bay Dermal Regeneration, Helios Thrusters and Modular Probes have no effect on the final mission.

3. You have embarked on the Suicide Mission RIGHT AFTER THE NORMANDY WAS ATTACKED BY THE COLLECTORS. This becomes critical in rescuing your crew after they have been abducted. If you want the best possible ending, LEAVE FOR THE OMEGA 4 RELAY AS SOON AS IT IS AVAILABLE. However if you have things that still need to be done, you will have to balance losing your crew against the fact that your team or ship is not entirely prepared. That is a decision you must make.

Once you're ready, head through the Omega 4 with the Reaper IFF in place. EDI will advise you to make sure everything that needs to be done is done. After you have chosen your destination you will engage in a romance scene with the character you have been faithful with (if you have romanced at all). After a brief discussion with the Illusive Man, Shepard and his crew arrive on the doorstep of the collectors. Thanks to Joker the debris they are greeted with is avoided and the Normandy is assumed safe.
However not all is well. The ship is suddenly is attacked by cyborgs called Oculi. They storm the Normandy and fire at the ship with their beams of death.

SQUAD DEATH: Based on the decisions you have made regarding NORMANDY UPGRADES, one character will die here if you have not purchased the SILARSIS ARMOR UPGRADE from JACOB.
If you did not upgrade the ship's armor, a beam of fire erupts from an Oculi and pierces through to the inside.

Jack (Subject Zero) is Terminated- Jack falls victim to the laser strike if the armor does not hold.

After the laser strike, the Oculi do not give up. One breaches the hull of the Normandy, causing terror in the cargo hold. Shepard takes a squad of two down to the hold to deal with the intruder.
SQUAD DEATH: Based on the upgrades made to the Normandy's shielding, the drive core may explode resulting in the death of a squad mate if the CYCLONE SHIELDING is not installed by your tech expert, TALI.
NOTE: Based on who Shepard takes with him, the fate of the dying squad member is altered.

Shepard and his team stumble as the Normandy collides through a debris field. EDI advises Joker that the Normandy's original shield systems and drive core cannot sustain impact with debris that size. Depending on if you upgraded, someone perishes here.

Kasumi Goto- If Kasumi is not taken by Shepard to the battle with the Occulus, she will find her way down to the engineering sector attempting to maintain the engine systems. But the ship overloads its shields and the drive core gives way to the pressure. It explodes and sends a wave of destruction throughout the engineering sector. With Gabby and Kenneth missing, Kasumi was in the sector maintaining the systems. She is not able to withstand the explosion, and your favorite tech thief is killed in the chaos.

Legion- If Kasumi is busy helping Shepard take down the Occulus in the hold and Legion was not recruited for that battle, the geth synthetic will be busy in the engineering sector when the Normandy enters the debris field. As the ship rocks, the drive core begins to overload and Legion senses danger. However the impending shockwave decimates Legion as he attempts to escape, destroying the geth this time for good.

Tali'Zorah- If Legion was sent to Cerberus for study and or both Legion and Kasumi are engaging the Occulus in combat with Shepard, Tali will take their place near the drive core. Comfortable in the engineering sector, Tali was down in the area maintaining the necessary systems to survive the trip to the Collector Base. However the lack of multi-core shielding gave way to the strain the ship was taking and the drive core erupted in a massive explosion. Although the damage has been contained, it is noted by EDI that Tali was vaporized and did not survive the trip.

(The order of deaths after these three are: Thane, Garrus, Zaeed, Grunt, Jack and Samara/Morinth)
NOTE: All of these outcomes also exist if Kasumi was never downloaded via the STOLEN MEMORY DLC. However since Kasumi will not be part of the team if not downloaded, she will not take the place for Tali or Legion if the drive core fails. It is highly recommended you purchase that DLC in order to gain the full Mass Effect experience.

After the Occulus is destroyed, the Normandy makes way to the Collector Base. However an old friend decides to greet the N7 crew. The Collector Ship heads to the Normandy, firing beams of lasers at the shuttle. If the guns are upgraded, this fight is much simpler and the Collector vessel is destroyed. However if not, the Normandy must do battle the hard way... right down their enemy's throat.
SQUAD DEATH: If the Normandy's weapon systems are not implanted with the turian designed THANIX CANNONS installed by GARRUS, the Normandy is impaled by a damaged support beam after engaging in close range battle with the Collector Ship.

Thane Krios- Thane is caught in the way of a collapsing support beam when the Normandy comes face to face with the Collector Ship.

Garrus Vakarian- Garrus falls victim to the protruding metal when the Normandy comes into contact with the Collector Ship.

(The order of deaths after these are: Zaeed, Grunt, Jack, Samara/Morinth)

As the Normandy recoils from the destruction of the Collector Ship, the true mission starts. As Joker and EDI attempt to get the grounded vessel back online, Shepard and the rest of his team trek further into the base. The outcomes of who you pick for each assignment is now critical in the survival of your crew.
And that part of the post will be listed later on! PART 2 and PART 3 will be crucial in your Shepard's success in this mission, as well as the survival of your crew!

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