Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Two Paths of Utopius

So after Twined is finished, the next book is going to be a wee bit different in certain aspects.

Utopius is going to be a dark medieval fantasy that is pretty gritty, pretty brutal... well for my style. It's going to be different in the fact that for once the "hero" of the story is anything but. In fact he's more of a selfish prick than anything else.

Desmonde, a knight templar looking for the lost city of Utopius leads with his self appointed second in command Tristian, a mischievous witch with a sharp tongue, in order to save the land of Theros from mutated creatures they dubbed Blackrot. Now Desmonde is in no way a good guy. He's doing this for the money, the fame, all of that. He belittles women, takes whatever he deems is his and finds pleasure in killing anything he can in battle.

Now the thing about this book is there will be two versions. One is called The Crusader and the other is called The Heretic. Each one represents the same core story, but some details may be changed between the two. It's sort of like a pick your own adventure story. You can choose to purchase and follow either the Crusader or the Heretic version of this book throughout the entire series. Some events may happen one way in the Crusader while in the Heretic things may be different. Someone may die in the Crusader where that same person may live in the Heretic. The core story won't become so muddled and confusing that it feels like two completely different books, but you'll be able to see enough differences to give you an "alternate reality" kind of feeling to it.

So as to lessen confusion, all the sequels to the Crusader version will have WHITE covers and all sequels to the Heretic version will have RED covers. You can pick one version or the other and follow the story or get both and compare the two of them. We will make them extremely affordable. We are publishing our books differently now and all of our merchandise will be very obtainable, both versions.

Anyway I think this will bring a cool new flavor to reading and we'll see how this goes. Things are going to be exciting!

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