Monday, February 6, 2012

The Heroes of Worlds II

So things have been CRAZY busy as of late. There hasn't been much time for anything. Whether it's doing taxes or thinking up creative story ideas, I've had almost no time to myself. I just had my pictures taken for something very special, but I'll only tell you about that if it goes the way I hope. Surprises, you see? So just cross your fingers for me.

And while I've been on this mini hiatus (I think I'm using that word right but I'll admit I'm far too tired to look it up so bear with me) I've learned the importance of blogging and keeping up with my work. Balance is key so that you make your fans happy without running yourself ragged into sickness, which I've been known to do. So I wanted to get on track with several new posts to thank all of you for dealing with my absence. So here's part two of the Heroes of Worlds post.

So you all know characters are COMPLETELY my obsession. And on top of editing Bastion to perfection, I've started three new projects for my first triplet release bundle. Scarlett's, Twined and Utopius. I think that now Scarlett's is in the final editing stage, you'll be seeing those characters soon. So now I'm going to lay down the characters of my next supernatural adventure/romance Twined.

Avalin Marsh- When she was eleven years old, Avalin's mother killed a woman in the kitchen of their home. After her mother was taken away and institutionalized, Avalin did all she could to bottle up and bury the unpleasant memories of that fateful day deep into her being. She's hidden them from the light and lost what really made her who she is. In the place of her innocent former self, a sarcastic, witty and sometimes cold outer shell has arisen. But underneath her snarky demeanor, her obsession over her 1967 Camaro and the Rolling Stones or her direct and critical opinions on many a topic, Avalin has a secret. A dark secret that terrifies her to the core. She sees things that no one else sees. Feels things that other people simply can't feel. And most importantly is able to do things that neither she or anyone else can explain.
Avalin fears that she too is mad. She fears she is an insane woman capable of horrible acts, just like her mother. She subconsciously attempts to prove to herself and others that she is as normal as anyone else in her hometown of Michigan. But when you wake up in the middle of the night halfway across the county or see a girl's face shift right in front of you, how can you not worry of the possibility of insanity?
But everything in her life changes when she meets Albert. He's a mysterious figure who somehow knows of all the strange happenings that seem to be occurring of late. Avalin doesn't trust this man. But when he is able to make sense of everything that Avalin deems as insanity, she begins to realize that her past stems from a world that is beyond the scope of anything she's ever dreamed.
And that the danger, ever present, is terrifyingly real.

"I'm not going to back down. She wants me. She wants me to lose... wants me to die. I won't let her win... I refuse to let her kill me. Plenty of other things in my life are waiting to do that."

Albert Huntington- Albert is a young, mysterious and (although Avalin will never admit it) handsome man. He's dedicated to his cause and knows a great deal about Avalin... about what she truly is. Although he is fascinated with her and desperately needs her in order to survive, Albert and Avalin often cannot stand one another. Her snippy and sarcastic attitude against his passion and persistence usually puts the two at odds. Where he sees a necessary partnership in order to further common goals, she sees a bossy stranger extremely talented at keeping information from her. And his many secrets do no favors in gaining her trust.
He is a being called a Twine. Human in appearance but unique in chemistry, he requires a blood pact with a living human in order to survive and grow. He not only needs a symbiotic relationship with her to keep from perishing, but also to fight an order of dangerous individuals out to destroy everything his ancestors have created. As the two of them face many difficult situations, Avalin begins to realize that she may need Albert almost as much as he needs her. But in order for either of them to survive, they'll need to put their differences aside... and gain each others' trust.

"It's not a matter of what you want. It's not even a matter of what I want. We're fighting an entire organization bent on destroying everything my people have ever aspired to become. I'll be damned if anyone will stop me... including you, Avalin."

Prajna Sarasvati- A petite girl of Indian heritage, Prajna is immersed in a world of her own. She usually spends her time surfing the web... at least that's what she'll tell you. On the inside she's memorizing code, creating firewalls, organizing information archives. She's an analytical genius, a technological prodigy. She's most comfortable behind her computer hacking sites and playing online games. With plenty of trash talk of course.
She admires Avalin. She enjoys the intrigue, the danger, the excitement that she brings. Avalin was the first to see past the once shy exterior of this "nerd girl". In return some of Avalin's backbone has rubbed off on Prajna. Without Avalin's direction, Prajna sees that she might not have ever branched outside of her own world... and would have remained blind to the outer one that she is so able to enjoy now.
But now as things begin to gain momentum... Prajna sees her friend mingling with Twines and being chased down by assassins. However none of this would even begin to scare Prajna away. Loyal to the core (and of course refusing to miss out on any of the fun) Prajna lends whatever help she can to her friends whenever they need it.

"I'm the best at what I do. Give me a profile to hack or something and I'll show you where reality ends. You'd be surprised. I'm also a part time Dusk Elf."

Lyle McCormick- For what Avalin lacks, Lyle makes up for in full. He's sensitive, empathetic and dependable. He's the stabilizing constant who always knows the right thing to say. He formed a loving friendship with Avalin after he consoled her with his friendship after her mother was taken away. He feels for Avalin and the hardships she has endured. He tries to make life easier for her in whatever ways he can.
When the two of them were younger, Avalin was chased by a group of people who wanted to do her harm. Lyle, fourteen at the time, defended her. The attackers hurt him... almost beating the boy to death. Since then Avalin has felt for Lyle the way she has felt for no other. She truly finds a safe haven within his trust. And he, without mentioning word of it, finds love for her.
Now things are becoming dangerous. Dark figures are looming, and now Albert has inserted himself in an equation that was already unstable to begin with. And when threats begin to loom over every rooftop, Lyle begins to worry that this time Avalin has gotten herself into something that not even Lyle can protect her from. However... that won't make for a lack of trying.

"Just be careful. I believe that you're trying to be cautious... and no offense I also believe that you suck at it. Terribly."

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