Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fans and Friends Meet Teen Author

   Okay so here is the last picture you will see of Teen Author A.L. Collins in his Wendy's Uniform! He has put away the blue polo to focus on his writing.  With several projects under way it just became a time issue. Being the manager of such a young and talented author has given me the opportunity to sit back and watch from a distance as A.L. has grown with each event and situation that he has been involved in along the way on his writing journey.
    I'm happy and proud that he always takes the time to talk to anyone who will listen about how thrilled he is that he has found his passion in life at such a young age.  Most teens these days struggle with the everyday decisions that are necessary to merely survive in this rat race.  Setting goals and having a vision are hard to do and for most unrealistic.  A.L. is always there with an encouraging word, a handshake or a hug. He has proven time and time again that we are all in this together and many time it's the little things that make the biggest difference.
     Giving much more than you take, smiling when no one else is. Laughing when the room is silent. Sometimes wisdom isn't always reserved for those that have been here the longest.  I'm proud of my friend A.L.Collins for not being afraid to be a little eccentric. For realizing that there is so much talent that never gets discovered in the minds of teens just like himself. Most of all being willing to share the gift that he has been given so unconditionally. Hats off my friend!  By Jim Huntington ~ Publishing Manager of Personae Publications for A.L. Collins

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