Saturday, November 17, 2012


I've been hunted by a predator. One who wants me dead for reasons unknown, motivations driven by events of a foretime I cannot and care not to remember. I've been saved by an enigma, one who I've doubted, questioned and blamed--one who needs my very existence in order to survive. You tend to see yourself in a different light when you face odds stacked so high against you. You adapt in the panic, t...
hrive in the heat of defiance. In the end, you either stand up for yourself and fight back--

--or you live only long enough to wish you had.

I haven't escaped the Lynx's clutches, not yet. Even though Albert saved me, even though we've decided to work together, that doesn't mean the danger has passed. She's still out there watching, waiting. She's contracting the best of the best to come find me, and end my life once and for all.

There are too many variables to consider, her army is too great for me to have any hope of this ending well. I'm tired of living in the past, I'm going to take my future and shape it into a world without her alive to do me harm. It figures I only realize what I have when it's on the verge of slipping away.

She's taken what I love, what I need. I am going to get it back. They tell me that hiding is futile, that they'll find me eventually.

I'll make sure they won't have any difficulty with that.

And when all is done, I'll snuff out the last Ember myself.

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