Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

A whole three days until Christmas eve and blogs are bustling with excitement. It's been quite a while, but the new year and website redesign promises that 2015 will be the most active I have ever been! New books, new friends, new adventures. You gotta love it.

But for now, Christmas. I hope that everyone is sitting somewhere warm with someone they love, I hope that the joy and good tidings of the season fill you all with happiness and joy. Things are going to be very exciting, I can tell.

I think I'll do a countdown to Christmas post as well as some short stories. Each day will be a small Christmas special and an inspiring video to help us endure the hours left to go.

And, well, I have a lot of Christmas shopping to do. So there's that. Oy.

Three days left to go =) Can you feel it??

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