Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Four Books at Once

So the first Bastion book just came out. I'm beyond pleased, but the sequel is nowhere on the way currently because I'm trying to branch out to different genres. I've literally written... like... twelve pages on the sequel? But I've started three other books that I wanted to get out there. Some feedback would be lovely because I don't know which to start on. Of course if it gets no feedback, which it might not because nobody knows about this blog yet, I may just have to trust myself to make a good decision.

So here are the three I'm working on.

Scarlett's- A feel good and motivational story about a girl named Jaime Williams, down on her luck after moving out of her home and struggling to make a living, she finds solace in a restaurant named Scarlett's where she can finally feel part of something and attempt to make something out of herself. She's inspired by the stories of the people she meets there and decides to write a book based on their strengths, loves, despairs and heartaches. There she finds good everyday people struggling with money, direction, loss and sexuality as each person working there has their own tale to tell. But when the people she loves face troubles that threaten to tear the staff apart, she decides to make a difference in their lives and attempt to publish her work. She thinks that if she can become successful herself, then she'll be in a better position to help others. As she draws others into her own projects with her drive and success, they all become enraptured as they each become part of what Jaime has created. What happens on that road to becoming the author she craves to be is nothing short of spectacular.

Twined- A high school escapism fantasy about a girl named Avalin Marsh. On her eleventh birthday, a day that was supposed to be so perfect and filled with happiness, her mother murdered a woman. Avalin was scarred seeing her mother do such a thing. But when the police arrived there was no body, no blood, despite what she and her father saw. Her mother was taken to a mental institution and Avalin and her father lived alone in that townhouse for six more years... and Avalin thought the worst of her life was over. But after she begins to imagine these strange things, such as hallucinations, hearing voices and seeing people's faces change in front of her, she becomes terrified thinking that she's becoming just like her mother. But when a strange young man named Ashur comes to her and tells her of the Twined, mythical beings that survive off of forming pacts with humans, she begins to realize maybe her mother wasn't the insane one to begin with... that maybe everything her mother claimed was real from the start.

Blackout- Davis is sleepwalking through his life. He doesn't remember making the decisions that led to where he is. He figures he's just like every other person trying to get by. He works for the IRS, so he's used to being hated. Despite living such a monotone life, however, he is doing the best he can to look forward to the day ahead. But suddenly things start becoming strange. He begins seeing these same people in the crowd. They look familiar to him but he can't place where he's seen them. He does his best to push them aside despite the fact that he's having blackouts, missing pieces creating holes in his memories. Again he ignores them, paying them no mind. That is until the day he's kidnapped by the very same people he's been seeing and thrown into the back of a van. It turns out nothing is clear when it turns out these abductors may not be his enemies after all, as he finds out later that there are a group of people out there trying to kill him. As twists and turns ensue, it appears that maybe the life that Davis is living isn't reality at all. Because these abductors claim to know him... and they claim he saved their lives.

So that's it so far. I wanted to also do a zombie book, and I'm going to, but I'm going to have to nail down the story completely before I post anything because I want this zombie book to be different. As different as possible, that is. So I hope I can get some thoughts on these projects. Now I'm going to finish eating and turn off The Breakfast Club. Because you just can't turn away from The Breakfast Club.

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  1. We are very excited about all of your upcoming projects! Can't wait for Scarlett's this is right up my alley!