Friday, November 25, 2011

Just a Quick Update!

So the book is finally out and about on the market! That's fantastic. Nerve wracking and emotionally jarring, yes, but also very much fantastic. It's really weird to see my picture on the back of a book because this is supposedly not what people had planned for my life. But I love it! And it gives me a massive case of the goose-pimples to see my work online. Granted it has only been live for a couple days and I'm already too nervous to check any of the websites, I know that when I get that first ounce of feedback that I'm going to wig out hardcore.

Check that. Just got a call from the manager. Apparently my book is being sold in England.



I love England. Really I do. I do the accent and everything. I can't do it now, mind you I'm sick. But I will eventually. I'll record it. And I'll put it on here. But I have to go to work so I gotta cut this short. Blah. I'll write later. It's not like I have four books waiting to be written or anything. Ah, just teasing. Much love people, have a good day!

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