Thursday, December 29, 2011

Book Karma

As some of you may know, it's hard to follow your heart. As an author it's a constant struggle. From the rejections from publishing companies to the terror of trying to become a writer on your own, it's hard to write a book, pour your words and your soul into something and then subject it to everyone in the world to judge. It takes a special kind of person to wake up in the morning with a heart full of vigor and decide not to ever give up on their dreams.

And it takes a special kind of person to decide not to give up on other people's dreams as well. It takes something unique to be able to reach a hand out to someone who is close to falling and lead them to a safer place.

I only know a few people like that. My manager is like that. My grandmother was like that. And recently I had the luck of finding someone else who thinks more for others than she does for herself. Indie author Renee Pawlish is one of those people.

It happened through a chance following on Twitter. I was trying to expand my reach and attempting to learn the ropes of the website as a whole. I ended up following Renee and she followed me back. One simple thank you message to her and then later we're talking with each other about what we could do to help each other out.

We messaged back and forth. She asked about the candles and I asked her about her work. I realized her book Nephilim: Genisis of Evil has gained some serious traction and is doing very well. Naturally I'm determined to pick it up. With all the work I've been doing I actually haven't been able to read much lately. We got to talking and she interviewed me online and put it on her blog. She said things about me that I didn't even know about myself. Not just about my writing, but about my personality. It was new for me to hear what she had to say.

She has a good outlook on the writing world. You need to reach a hand out and know that there are so many people who are like you, desperately wanting to be heard. These kinds of journeys are important and they're so much more enjoyable when you meet these people who are so special. You feel like a better person just by letting them into your life.

Renee has a theory called Book Karma. Essentially if you help someone out, then you'll be paid back in full. I believe it. Not only with my work, but in life. Maybe if everyone took a little Book Karma and spread it around in every situation, you may be pleasantly surprised by who you meet and what happens next.

I have no doubts that Renee will do well. I really don't have a single doubt. Take the time to read her books and chat her up. I know that's what I'll be doing.

Here's a link to her website. Check out her book Nephilim: Genisis of Evil. It's in the top 10 in the book category. Extremely impressive.

If you want to hear what she wrote about lil' old me, here's the link to the interview and her blog.

Well it's getting late. May huge amounts of Book Karma find its way to all of you as well. Happy writing.

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