Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Five Senses of Reading

Hey all. Merry almost soon-to-be Christmas and any other holiday that you love to celebrate! Hope you're all staying close to family and friends as the snow and the merry times creep even closer!

Well wanted to update what's going on. Lots of things to do! Marketing the Bastion book, writing three other stories, managing ALL the websites and as of late, introducing three new very special projects to our wing.

The Bastion comic book, possibly an upcoming video game based on my work and something pretty cool...

Scented candles.

That's right! Soon scented candles are going to be made (with homemade and developed scents) based on each of the Bastion characters! Both old... and some new! My goal is to bring the five senses to reading! Obviously the book and comic brings the visual, hopefully a developed story soundtrack will bring the hearing, and next the candles are going to add to the smell! Light a candle and bask in the aroma of Serrah as you pick from one of eight fantastic originally developed scents!

Spice Current- Based out of Shen-Mei's eastern ocean nation compiled of islands, the country of Bajoul is a land of rich heritage and magical secrets specific only to their people. With their focus on spice trades, it is said that the smell of winterwood, bajujan pepper and willowblossom floats in the very air itself. We were able to capture these smells and make it into a candle that will bring the therapeutic air of Bajoul to you in the comfort of your home!

Zaveena's Secret: The Wandermother of the Fatella'Sallah has seen much. She is older, wiser and perhaps stronger than most arcane soldiers in Aldania. But behind every sorceress... lies a sorceress' secret. And after traveling through so much of the land... it is a wonder why she has stayed in the Fallensa woods for so long. Unseen truths are being hidden from the world... and only Mother Zaveena knows the answers. We've taken the smell of Zaveena's favorite rare flowers and solidified it into a perfume. The lesome flower mixed with the molale weed... the scent of intrigue and mystery.

Sorbet Trees: The elvehn nations, specifically the tervilil nation of Saturnia, are a marvelous and clean civilization. The elves have learned much from their ancestors and their societies have maintained both cultural heritage and have excelled to create amazing cities of grand proportions. But wildlife is always present even in their urban locations. Particularly a tree named the sorbet, which is a strange dark wood tree that actually channels mannah into some sort of aroma that is theorized to extend life expectancy. In return, smelling the tree gives you the hint of a creamy scent that has become popular in elvehn nations as a romantic perfume.Wir has graciously provided a few sorbet leaves so we could grind and pour them into candles to improve your mental health and vitality!

Fallensa Berries: Deep in the Fallensa there are small round red berries. About the size of a coin, if you grind them into paste they form a sweet tasting mixture typically used for lipstick and some types of makeup. Meriah has created an entire makeup line specific only to her. She has mastered the making of such pastes after so many years of living within the Fallensa woods, surrounded by flora and wild plants. Not only do they give her a lovely touch of color to her everyday look, they also make her smell of the sweet scent of berries and pine. We've been able to gather some of these rich red berries, against Meriah's will unfortunately, and grind them into a scented candle so that you too can smell the aroma of delicious Fallensa berries! Just don't tell Meriah.

We also have scents for Donovan, Asper, Syrius and Felicia. Donovan gives us an incense that calms him before battle called Finder's Promise. Asper has isolated the scent of a potion he uses to fuel his magic powers appropriately titled Bruhenna Brew. With Syrius' sensitive canine nose you can tell he is a master at scents. We enlisted his help to create a musty, manly smell he named Hair of the Dog. And finally the temptress Felicia gave us a little candle she made herself that is supposedly an aroma that fuels romance... as well as lustful intentions. She branded this smell Love Spell, which she gave us to sell... and kept a few for herself.

Now these candles will be available at the Hampstead book signing and will soon be on sale on our website for purchase! Thank you for all of your support and for helping me bring the five senses to reading! Okay we just have to come up with something edible. Hmmm... Maybe some of Zavenna's wonderful sugary nut cookies to enjoy while you curl up with a warm throw and your copy of Bastion. We'll work on it, we can promise you that!

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