Friday, December 9, 2011

Expanding Our Horizons

So naturally we've been trying to branch out our pool of contacts as of late. Fellow authors, news reporters and so on have been under our radar for the past week. Getting the book known is, after all, half the battle. But now it seems that we are lucky enough to reach into a form of entertainment that I never really thought much about... until now.

That's right. If things go our way, we may have our very own Bastion comic book.

Now it most likely won't be a graphic novel version of Prequel. The comic artist and I both believe that the flow of a novel doesn't sync well with the flow of a comic. So what does that mean? Most likely I'll be creating a seperate branching story that will co-exist with the Bastion: Prequel to War timeline. It'll be a story that fits the pacing of a graphic novel itself. You may see some familiar characters, you may see familiar places. But it'll be from the point of view of a different hero or heroess. (That's not a typo. I never call female heroes heroins.) Anyway it'll take some time to write up with all the other things I have to do such as tweet, blog and write three other books. But when it's done it'll be a massive accomplishment.

Ooh, maybe I'll ask him to design images of Meriah and Syrius for T-shirts! You know I need me some Syrius T-shirt. Is it wrong I have a man-crush on my own character? Yes. It most likely is.

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