Saturday, December 24, 2011

So If I Had a Soundtrack...

Went to see Carbon Leaf in concert today. It was pretty insane and a very personal experience. We were close to the band and everyone had a really good time. I've heard they really have developed quite the stage presence since they were an opening band for Seven Nations. Because I have to say the band members had a lot of personality. They were damn hilarious to talk to! They played songs from every album including Indian Summer, Love Loss Hope Repeat and Echo.

I'm trying to think of ways to add music and combine it with the average reading experience. Integrating the other senses would make for a whole new outlook on books. So I realized that a lot of songs from Carbon Leaf would sync wonderfully with the vibe of Twined. When you have a chance go check this band out. They really are one of a kind!

Listen to:

Lake of Silver Bells: A smooth mystic tune.
Life Less Ordinary: A breakout peppy song.
Another Man's Woman: A gritty love me not.
The War Was in Color: A deep melody that will make you think.

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